how to create the perfect look...

You can use Emily Bond fabrics in various ways to create various looks and styles when decorating your home. We've popped a few ideas together here to give you some inspiration. 

FOR AN ECLECTIC LOOK: The fabrics all sit really well together, so if you want to achieve an informal, eclectic look then simply mix and match several designs in one room with different cushion covers, curtains, lampshades and so on. This works best against an earthy shade of paint on the walls that doesn't compete with the fabrics. 

DARE TO BE BOLD: Don’t be afraid to cover an entire sofa in a bold design – it makes a fun statement in a room and works brilliantly placed next to a plain covered chair (in my kitchen I have a red dachshund chair next to a red velvet sofa – I love it!) and set against a clean wall painted in one of Farrow and Balls lovely colours. You can also use the stronger fabrics like the Black Labrador to make a bit of a statement against a bold colour of sofa or armchair.

CREATE A CLASSIC STYLE: Using the same fabric consistently in a room for curtains, lampshades and cushions, set against neutral, earthy tones will give you a very classic look.


Top Tips From Emily

There are hundreds of things that you can do in the home to make it look really nice - these are just a few little ideas from Emily Bond that will help you make a start if you want to transform a room.

 1. Put things on display.
Beautiful china on the dresser adds a lovely finishing touch for example.

2. Pay attention to detail.
A beautiful vase of flowers or a lavender heart hanging from the doorknob makes all the difference in any room.

3. Don't be afraid to be bold.
Choose a nice bold design for a lampshade, or for upholstering a sofa. You won't regret it!

4. Visit your local antiques shops and flea markets.
They are full of hidden gems that will bring real character to your home.

5. Keep walls and floors simple.
Then you can use cushions, rugs and furniture to bring the room to life.

6. Be eclectic.
Mix old and new styles

7. Colour is crucial.
Concentrate on colours and tones that work together. 


create a classic Look

By grouping together a single fabric design you can make the general look of a room feel more classic. Some of the Emily Bond country designs are particularly well suited to this - the Geese, Ducks and Dairy Cow, for example. But grouping together a fabric works well even when decorating a child's bedroom with the more quirky designs, when you want to add a bit of fun but keep a certain level of sophisication.


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