Emily Bond FAQ

  1. What is 'My account'?
  2. How do I register a new account?
  3. Forgotten your password?
  4. Signing out of your account
  5. How do I change or add to my personal account details?
  6. Are my account details secure
  7. Do you have any licensing opportunities?
  8. How do I place a fabric order?

What is 'My account'?

Setting up an account with Emily Bond is a quick way of storing your details for further use, this includes, your name, delivery address and previous orders with Emily Bond.

This allows you to view previous orders you've made with us, save orders for future purchase and quickly get your delivery information on future purchases.

How do I register a new account?

To register a new account, click the "My Account" button, then "Create Account" at the bottom of the page where it says "New Customer?"

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, on the "Sign In" page, accessible through clicking the "My Account" button, click "Forgot My Password" at the bottom of the sign in form.

Pressing this button will send a message to the E-Mail you use to sign in, once you've accessed this message through your E-Mail account, follow the instructions to change your password.

If you are still having problems accessing your account contact us.

Signing out of your account

To sign out of your account click on the "My Account" button at the top right of the website, then click the "Sign Out" button on your "Customer Account" page.

If you are accessing this website from a public PC, for optimum security, you should consider deleting the browsers cache to avoid someone seeing your history.

How do I change or add to my personal account details?

To change your details, click the "My Account" button at the top right of the website to access your customer account, then click the "Your Details" button on the page to modify your details.

Are my account details secure?


Your account details are completely secure on this website, only you will be able to access them.

We recommend using different passwords on every website and changing your passwords once every few weeks.

One of the biggest security flaws people make is using the same password for every website they visit.


A few things to know about when purchasing Emily Bond fabrics and products:-

Linen will naturally shrink when washed by 11%.

Linen will naturally crease if washed, it will also crease by just using it.

Linen is a natural fabric which means slubs in areas can happen, there can also be colour variations with the base cloth and printing; please make sure you ask for a batch swatch if you feel this is going to be a problem.

Linen will fray if it is washed un-hemmed.

Linen can be ironed but please make sure you iron on a linen setting on your iron.

We hand screen print which means slight imperfections in the linen and printing can occur this is inherent in purchasing a natural product that has been hand screen printed.


 We no longer accept fabric orders online. To order any fabrics or fabric swatch samples, please call on 01173 763067 or email 

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