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  • Getting

    Caught in the act!

    Posted: 28th May 2015

    This made me laugh too much... this is Ziggy, totally caught in the act and looking brilliantly guilty. Thank you so much to Ziggy's owner for…

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  • Who needs a dog bed when you have a whole dog sofa?

    Who needs a dog bed?

    Posted: 27th May 2015

    Totally enjoying the good life here, having a little lie down on the sofa which is beautifully covered in our Labrador fabric. This photo came from…

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  • Get your specs on!

    Get your specs on!

    Posted: 26th May 2015

    This is brilliant! When we launched our new collection this spring we had a photoshoot, during which I popped a pair of specs on Oscar, my much…

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