Why I love ticking stripes...

21st July 2016

Ticking Stripes

A good ticking stripe is easy on the eye, it's clean and simple, and it's got a slight air of nostalgia about it that I just love. I honestly wouldn't be without a ticking stripe here and there in my home, it creates such an effective look and really helps to smarten a room up. I introduced our range of ticking stripes last summer, with a stripe to complement each of our core fabric designs and they work beautifully together. Here are a few ways in which I'd recommend using the ticking stripes:


1. Ticking stripe curtains or blinds to offset a boldly covered armchair or sofa.
I've used the Grey Artichoke Ticking Stripe in my home as it's quite a soft colour and can sit nicely next to my Quince covered chair.

2. A ticking stripe covered sofa, dressed up with cushions in complementary fabric designs.
I think this could look fantastic with, say, the ducks ticking stripe on the sofa and a mixture of Ducks cushions and Rabbits and Hares cushions.

3. To create a nautical look.
Stripes can give a really classic coastal style, and when you combine a seaside fabric design with matching ticking stripes it's an absolute winner. My favourite for this has got to be the Cornish Mud Crab fabric with matching ticking stripes. Gorgeous!

4. In a bathroom.
I really like ticking stripes in a bathroom because they have such a clean look. And that's what a bathroom is all about!

5. For a bed valance.
A nice way of working different fabrics together in a bedroom is to choose a fabric pattern that you like for the curtains, and use the matching ticking stripe for the bed valance. It just helps things to sit together well. I'd do this with something ike the Pink Dachshund and matching Ticking Stripe, for example.



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