Top Tips to Transform a Room

15th July 2016

Emily Bond Dining Room

There are hundreds of things that you can do in your home to make it look really lovely. These are just a few little things that I did in my new house when we moved to the country last year. They really helped me to add instant character to each room and I hope that by sharing them they will help you too if you want to transform a room in your own home this summer.


 1. Put things on display.
Beautiful china on the dresser adds a lovely finishing touch for example. I've got a very eclectic mix in my house, I'm never afraid to mix and match! I've done this in the children's bedrooms as well as I think having those lovely old things on display on their shelves, from vintage toys to old Beatrix Potter books, looks very smart and not too childish. 


2. Pay attention to detail.
A beautiful vase of flowers or a lavender heart hanging from the doorknob makes all the difference in any room. I do sieze the opportunity to do this, it might be a pot of basil on a kitchen windowsill or a few books on a chest of drawers, but I find that these little things can really change the feel of a room. I have to admit that I am a bit of an obsessive when it comes to keeping the house neat and tidy so I keep things clutter-free which means these little details don't get lost, which is important.


 3. Don't be afraid to be bold. 
Choose a nice bold design for a lampshade, or for upholstering a sofa. You won't regret it! I've got a lovely sofa covered in red velvet, and that sits very nicely alongside my armchair covered in the Red Dachshund design. My Oyster Catcher lamp is there too, and together they look brilliant.


4. Visit your local antiques shops and flea markets.
They are full of hidden gems that will bring real character to your home. I can spend hours in Clifton looking at little trinkets and I find so many things that are genuinely unique that I just love bringing into my home.


5. Keep walls and floors simple.
Then you can use cushions, rugs and furniture to bring the room to life. I do this throughout my house and it works really well.


6. Be eclectic.
Mix old and new styles. I think this is a real winner when it comes to interiors. There's something very charming about old styles but it's nice to bring them into contemporary life by mixing them with newer things too. 


7. Colour is crucial.
Concentrate on colours and tones that work together. I've always kept this in mind when designing my fabrics and all the colours and tones work really well together as a collection, so it's easy to translate this into the home. I've chosen wall colours that work well with the fabrics - it's all quite natural and earthy in colour and tone overall and sits together without jarring.



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