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  • Emily

    Emily Bond Workshop

    Posted: 3rd May 2019

    Emily Bond Workshop  @ Emily’s House, near Bristol Thursday 6th June, 10am – 3pm   £120pp - email to book     Whether you are…

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  • honeytreecollage

    Q&A with HoneyTree

    Posted: 20th February 2019

    As you have probably guessed, Emily Bond has a very soft spot for Dachshunds, and when she came across the lovely dachshund designs in HoneyTree's…

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  • handpicked by kate

    Introducing Handpicked by Kate

    Posted: 15th November 2016

    We've just teamed up with Handpicked by Kate to bring you the chance to win three very gorgeous prizes, one supplied by us, and the other two…

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  • Enchanted Wood

    Inspiration for new designs

    Posted: 27th October 2016

    I've got two sons, aged 4 and 2. As so many small children do, they love listening to bedtime stories and it's a really important part of both their…

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  • Towels

    New Towelling Range

    Posted: 14th September 2016

    I'm absolutely over the moon with our new towelling range. In a single word, it's "gorgeous".  We've been working on the designs for a few months…

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  • Ticking Stripes

    Why I love ticking stripes...

    Posted: 21st July 2016

    A good ticking stripe is easy on the eye, it's clean and simple, and it's got a slight air of nostalgia about it that I just love. I honestly…

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  • Emily Bond Dining Room

    Top Tips to Transform a Room

    Posted: 15th July 2016

    There are hundreds of things that you can do in your home to make it look really lovely. These are just a few little things that I did in my…

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  • Emily & George

    Why dachshunds?

    Posted: 5th July 2016

    I love dachshunds. I can't deny it. They are just so handsome, and full of character! We've had dachshunds in our family for years, and when I moved…

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  • Spaniels Fabric

    New designs for summer

    Posted: 30th June 2016

    I'm really pleased to be bringing two old designs back again for summer, in brand new colourways. 'Spaniel' was always a favourite design of mine…

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  • Towels

    Coming soon...

    Posted: 22nd June 2016

      We have got so many exciting things in the pipeline later this year! We couldn't wait to show you, so here's a sneaky preview before it all…

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  • Bedroom

    Creating a lasting effect...

    Posted: 14th June 2016

    Like so many others, I was always adamant that my home wouldn't be overtaken by plastic toys and Barbie curtains when I had children. Luckily I had…

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  • inspiration from cornwall

    Inspired by the coast

    Posted: 7th June 2016

    I spend a lot of time in Cornwall with my family. The boys (my husband included!) are very happy when they're pottering on the beach, throwing…

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